The Waterboys to return with Autumn 2021 UK Tour | York Barbican

The Waterboys to return with Autumn 2021 UK Tour

26 Oct 2020

We have heard the big music, and we will never be the same! British folk-rockers The Waterboys have announced an upcoming UK tour, including a show at York Barbican on 9 October 2021.

From their "big music" period in the 80s through to the mix of genres on their classic Fishermans Blues tours, few bands have a live reputation like The Waterboys, who blend tightness, inspiration and improvisation to reach heights of performance few others can.

The group have consistently released quality music over the years and released their latest album earlier this year, Good Luck, Seeker.

Fronted by the mercurial Scottish guitarist Mike Scott, the band's musical influence is still prevalent with artists today. Their songs have been covered by the like of The Killers, U2 and pop star Ellie Goulding, who scored a UK hit last year with her rendition of "How Long Will I Love You". Their classic track "The Whole Of The Moon" featured in the smash-hit Netflix film Let It Snow and HBO series The Affair

The Waterboys music shows no sign of fading, and the best place to experience it is played by the originators live, so come and feel the fire!

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