Now On Sale: The Guilty Feminist, Clinton Baptiste & More | York Barbican

Now On Sale: The Guilty Feminist, Clinton Baptiste & More

10 Dec 2021

The Guilty Feminist | 19 May 2022

Hair raising paranormal wizardry, a global phenomenon and some classic British rock. Discover our latest shows now on sale.

The Guilty Feminist

Less of a podcast and more of a global phenomenon, The Guilty Feminist, is part comedy, part deep-dive discussion and part activism.

Hosted by Deborah Frances-White and featuring a different array of world-class guests each night, together, they examine our noble goals as 21st-century feminists - and our hypocrisies and insecurities that undermine those goals. 

With over 95 million downloads in six years, this is the show that proves you don’t have to be perfect to be a force for meaningful change.

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Clinton Baptiste Vs. Ramone

As featured in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Night, buckle up for a battle of hair raising paranormal wizardry as Clinton Baptiste and his arch-enemy Ramone finally decide who holds the title as Britain’s Greatest Paranormalist on 24 Nov 2022. 

Clinton Baptiste is the notorious clairvoyant medium psychic who bravely tells the punters what the spirits are saying… whether the recipient is willing to hear the bald truth or not. Ramone is a Scottish soothsayer and spirit-channeller from the Caledonian cabaret circuit. His expertise in the Dark Arts is surpassed only in the dexterity of his cutting Glaswegian bitchiness.  

The rancourous badinage will propel one of them onto the canvas…..and the other into the hallowed pages of the supernatural history books!

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Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited

Hot on the heels of his most successful solo tour ever, Steve Hackett announces his Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited - Foxtrot at Fifty + Hackett Highlights tour which visits York Barbican on 24 Sep 2022.

The tour marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary Genesis album Foxtrot which, in 1972, was pivotal in establishing the band as a major force in British rock and the first Genesis album to make the UK album charts.

The 2022 tour also promises more Genesis favourites and highlights from Hackett's extensive solo catalogue.

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