Kate Rusby Announces Christmas 2020 Show | York Barbican

Kate Rusby Announces Christmas 2020 Show

10 Apr 2020

The folk singer-songwriter returns to York Barbican with her annual Christmas tour on 20 December 2020.

Kate Rusby’s beautiful, expressive vocals never fail to connect with her audience, and her engaging personality and sharp, Yorkshire wit has captured the heart of concert-goers across the country for over a quarter of a century.

Kate’s Christmas tour once again visits York Barbican this December, and has become as much a part of Christmas for her fans as Christmas pudding itself! Warm and inviting, Kate and her band embody the sounds and joyous spirit of the festive season.

A Kate Rusby Christmas concert is inspired by the traditional carols that are sung in the crowded pubs of South Yorkshire, where she sat in the corner as a child.

For over two hundred years, South Yorkshire communities would congregate on Sunday lunchtimes, in their local public house, to belt out their own versions of carols that were frowned upon by the church in Victorian times as being ‘too happy’.

Kate’s happiness, sense of humour and her storytelling are also a feature of her live shows, where each venue becomes her front room and you are her very welcomed guests.

To date, Kate has released five albums of songs and carols from this marvellous Yorkshire-inspired tradition, including Holly Head – her latest Christmas Album.

Hugely spirited but undoubtedly family affairs, Kate’s concerts celebrate what makes Christmas so special, as she performs the songs that are full of the goodwill and spirituality of the season.

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