Kate Rusby | York Barbican

Kate Rusby | York Barbican

26 Apr 2019

Folk Singer and a firm favourite of York Barbican, Kate Rusby is returning on Wednesday 18th December 2019, bringing her festive concert full of lively and impassioned Christmas music.

With over a decade of Christmas music under her belt, along with numerous mince pies and mugs of Yorkshire Tea, Kate’s Christmas concerts perpetuate the tradition of Yorkshire carols, which means that each show evokes the spirit of a crowded pub. 

Kate sat in the corner of that crowded pub when she was a child, so the songs she brings to these shows are in her bones, a deep seam of personal experience to be mined.

Her happiness, her humour and her storytelling are a feature of her live shows. Each auditorium becomes her pub or her front room, and we are her welcomed and well-cared-for guests.

Join us and embrace the long-standing tradition of gathering joyously for a splendid celebration – don’t choose a silent night!