Count Arthur Strong | York Barbican

Count Arthur Strong to Return With His Brand New Show This October

13 Dec 2018

Count Arthur Strong, the all-round entertainer we all know and love from the telly, is back with his brand-new show, wrestling with some of the big questions that other all-round entertainers shy away from, Such as:

Are we alone in the universe?
Is there life on Mars bars?
2lbs of potatoes.
Packet of ginger nuts.
Don’t lose this shopping list.

‘Do not miss this not to be missed type of thing! If I wasn’t in the show I’d definitely be in the audience watching myself intently. Laughing and learning in equal measure. Thoroughly happy to pay the admission fee and definitely not asking for a refund. Also not rustling sweet wrappers and fiddling with my sodding telephone with a gormless expression on my face. See you there!’ - Count Athur Strong

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