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Chris De Burgh on Sale Now

02 Sep 2016

Always in tune with global and political issues, Chris de Burgh provides much food for thought in the lyrical content of his new album.

The title alone sets the tone and intent for a collection of songs which, although not exclusively concerned with key issues of the day, certainly holds up a mirror to many of them.

Elsewhere on ‘A Better World’, meanwhile, Chris has crafted material that addresses many of the themes and topics which have always so richly and uniquely coloured his musical agenda; love, war and adventure, travel, discovery and home-coming, the past, the present – and the future.

Stories, all of them, the songs offer an instant and clear insight into the thinking and imagination of one of popular music’s most evocative and accomplished songwriters, whose long and consistent career has so far resulted in sales of 50 million albums and sold out performances in concert halls worldwide.

Musically, ‘A Better World’ is a familiar de Burgh melting pot of diverse styles, tempos and instrumentation.  Ballads sit alongside anthems, solo performances with band or orchestral ensemble pieces.  Straight-ahead rock and pop songs are infused with regional flavour, from the Caribbean to Celtic.  Guitar, bass, drums and keyboards are augmented by pipes, strings and brass.  Throughout, Chris’s voice is by turns powerfully clear and passionately sensitive.

It all comes together to continue, progress and enhance the unique musical footprint which Chris has created for himself while composing a career-long repertoire of more than 280 songs.

Now and as always, optimism and positivity are primary motivations and focal points for Chris, whatever his subject matter; whether justice, equality, religion, progress, relationships, romance or world peace. These words from ‘Homeland’ speak volcumes: “There is always hope in the human heart for better days ahead”.

His 26th studio album, ‘A Better World’ is available on September 23, a little over three months after the 30th anniversary, on June 1, 2016, of the release of Chris’s hugely successful album ‘Into The Light’.  It was the album that established him as a true, worldwide superstar.  The album sold in excess of 8 million copies and included the iconic single ‘The Lady In Red’, which reached No.1 in 47 countries and still regularly wins ASCAP awards for being one of the most played songs on the planet.

The campaign for ‘A Better World’ will commence with the release of opening single ‘Bethlehem’, a dynamic rock song reminiscent of the global hits ‘Don’t Pay The Ferryman’, and continue into 2017 and beyond with a world tour that will travel through the UK, Europe and other territories.