Bongo's Bingo debuts in York -

Bongo's Bingo debuts in York

10 Aug 2022

Bongo’s Bingo is making its debut at York Barbican on Saturday 8th October.

Since starting in April 2015, a random idea between two friends has become the most talked about night in the UK and a global phenomenon, played from Glasgow to Southampton and Blackpool to Norwich and countless locations in between, with international shows back in Dubai too.

The award-winning Bongo’s Bingo has reinvented what it means to go out, uniting crowds for nights of magic and mayhem as is the original and defining bingo rave experience. It’s rejuvenated a quintessentially quaint British pastime with an immersive live show featuring rave rounds, nostalgia-soaked revelry, dance-offs, audience participation and crazy prizes in a night of pure and unadulterated escapism.

Jonny Bongo says: “We’ve been waiting to come to York for a long time so this is really special for us. We’ve heard the locals are really up for a party so this is going to be a lot of fun as we make our debut at York Barbican on Saturday 8th October. Tickets will fly out and this is going to be a class show for everyone.”

Brace for a night full of madness, mischief and shared euphoria, with hits from across the ages all night long at Bongo’s Bingo – imagine N Trance’s Set You Free filtered via S Club and Gerry Cinnamon, to renditions of Total Eclipse of the Heart.