AXS Become New Ticketing Partner for York Barbican -

AXS Become New Ticketing Partner for York Barbican

13 Mar 2024

Exciting news for music and event lovers in York and beyond, as AXS becomes the new ticketing partner for major local venue, York Barbican. The transition takes place today, 13 March, and marks a significant step towards enhancing ticketing experiences for all customers, whilst also helping to prevent touts and inflated ticket prices.

The largest entertainment venue in the area, York Barbican plays host to touring concerts, comedy, sporting shows and corporate events, with over 200 events and over 130,000 visitors each year. Making the switch to AXS will streamline the ticket-buying process for customers, offering a user-friendly platform designed to make purchasing tickets easier and smoother than ever before. With their innovative technology, AXS is committed to ensuring a safer experience for all attendees, employing advanced security measures to protect both the venue and its customers.

This announcement is a result of a new partnership between AXS, a leading company in live entertainment and sports ticketing, and ASM Global, the world's largest and most trusted venue management and services company who operate York Barbican.

AXS has rapidly gained momentum as a preferred ticketing platform, known for its user-friendly interface, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service. With a track record of success in delivering ticketing solutions for some of the world's most high-profile events and venues, including the Taylor Swift Era’s Tour and, more recently, the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, AXS continues to set new standards for the industry.

In addition to enhancing the ticketing process, AXS is deeply committed to the safety and security of both venues and customers. Their comprehensive approach to security includes robust measures to prevent fraud, such as Bot Prevention and Waiting Rooms, and their digital system AXS Mobile ID. For an inside look at how AXS ticketing works and how they improve the fan experience before, during, and after events, check out this guide.

General Manager for York Barbican, Sam Ryder says: “This is a really exciting change in how we manage ticketing at York Barbican - we want audiences to have the best possible experience from the minute they purchase a ticket, to when they’re here in person enjoying the show on the night. This partnership with AXS will bring their industry-leading solutions to the vibrant community of York, and we look forward to working with them across the fantastic events we have coming up.”

The transition to AXS at York Barbican, Connexin Live Hull and Playhouse Whitley Bay marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for live entertainment in these regions:

"We are thrilled to be working with ASM, and welcome these esteemed venues to AXS," says Managing Director for AXS UK, Chris Lipscomb. "This announcement not only reflects our long-standing commitment to provide the best consumer ticketing experiences, but also allows us to continue revolutionising the ticketing industry alongside powerhouse ASM Global. With a history of delivering top-level shows and incredible new talent, we’re excited to help bring even more special moments to these venues across the UK.”