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ASM Global Announces Partnership With Global Support Services

10 Jun 2021

CSS Labrador Dog Looking Up

ASM Global, the world’s leading producer of live entertainment experiences, is proud to announce its partnership with Global Support Services UK Ltd. (GSS) to provide specialist detection dog services, plus additional counter-terrorism canine services across ASM Global’s portfolio of UK venues.

The three-year partnership will see GSS providing specialised security solutions, focusing on the use of dogs to achieve the highest level of detection and protection capabilities.

“The use of detection dog teams is an extremely important part of our security operations, helping us to deliver a safe and secure environment for our customers and employees,” said ASM Global Security Director Gary Simpson. 

“GSS come with an excellent reputation as highly experienced professionals with first-class quality training and extremely high regard for the welfare of their dogs. They also possess a great will to achieve a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all our guests.”

“For more than a decade, GSS has offered a world-class service focused on innovation and quality to ensure the safety of the public, our customers and our teams,” said GSS Chief Executive Officer Daniel Mailly, “With the exceptional experience of our management team and unique partnerships with universities, government agencies and dog charities, we aim to provide highly effective, welfare-focused solutions that redefine industry standards."

"We are delighted to begin this partnership with ASM Global to deliver dynamic, bespoke services so all of their guests can feel safe and secure whilst enjoying their experience.”

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