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Artist Interview: Marti Pellow

08 Mar 2017

You asked Marti your questions, and he answered! He's picked his favourite eight and answered them below. So sit back and enjoy the thread below.

Angela Blanchard asks - 'If you could choose anyone (dead or alive) who would you invite to your dinner party & what would you cook for them?'

Marti says - 'If I could invite anyone from the past or present around for a dinner party, I’d invite Groucho Marx and cook him the tastiest Duck Soup he’d ever had.'


Sam Smith asks - 'Marti, you have been to York a couple of times what with performing in Évita and also playing at the Racecourse with the Wets. Have you any special memories or favourite haunts in York? 

Marti says - 'York is an incredibly beautiful city - and I love going there. There’s a wee deli I wondered into I think called The Hairy Fig - excellent pies I seem to remember'


Elaine Anderson asks - 'Do you have any plans to go back into musical theatre Marti? And do you have an all-time favourite musical that you would like to be offered a part in? Barry and I are looking forward to seeing you at The Barbican. Take care. xxx'

Marti says - 'I’d have to say the musical that really has a special place in my heart is Chicago - because it was my very first one.'


Wee Lass Ratcliffe asks - 'Marti, have you ever thought what your life would be like if you were not famous and what occupation would you have gone for?'

Marti says - 'Yes - I often think what life would be like if I wasn’t famous - and the career I would have gone for is food as I just love cooking. In another life, I’d have loved to have been a chef.'


Nichola Mills asks - 'Hiya Marti If you could pick one person to duet past or present who would it be?'

Marti says - 'Well there are several people both from the past and present whom I’d love to perform a duet but if I had to pick one…. Barbra Streisand.'


Sue Harrison asks - 'Where's your most favourite town or place you've been too xx'

Marti says - 'My favourite place in the world - very hard to say - but if you want one - Tokyo’s pretty amazing.'


Helen Bramfitt-Lines asks - 'If you could choose any song in the world (not yours or wet wet wet) that you wish you had written which would it be?'

Marti says - 'One song I wish I’d written is "Have I Told  You Lately That I Love You" - by the great Van Morrison.'


Jane Harrison asks - 'What does Marti's iPod playlist look like?'

Marti says - 'On my iPod playlist - well amongst a few things I’m particularly enjoying Ray Lamontagne and Rag’n’Bone Man….'