Our box office times are changing during the Snooker!


0203 356 5441

Public safety continues to be our priority, and we’re doing all we can to keep you safe at our venue. Please remember we do not permit backpacks, large bags or large/golf umbrellas and you will be screened upon arrival.  Read more

Our box office times are changing during the U.K Snooker Championships!

21 Nov 2016

Box Office Opening Times During Snooker - 22nd Nov til 4th Dec

Tuesday 22nd Nov   10am-8pm 
Wednesday 23rd Nov   8.30am-8pm 
Thursday 24th Nov   8.30am-8pm 
Friday 25th Nov   10am-2pm
Saturday 26th Nov   12pm-7pm 
Sunday 27th Nov   12pm-7pm 
Monday 28th Nov   10am-7pm 
Tuesday 29th Nov   10am-7pm 
Wednesday 30th Nov   10am-7pm 
Thursday 1st Dec   10am-7pm
Friday 2nd Dec   10am-7pm 
Saturday 3rd Dec   12pm-7pm 
Sunday 4th Dec   12pm-7pm