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York To Tackle CFS M.E Head On!

23 Nov 2015

A new group has been set up in York to help those suffering from ME, a dreadful illness that destroys the lives of individuals and families in the UK.  The current figure given is 250,000 affected in the UK, but they tend to fall below the radar when it comes to awareness.  This illness is given little government support and yet leaves children bed bound, and others having to be fed by tube due to being totally debilitated.   The majority affected go from being happy active, hard working individuals, to being unable to carry out the basic tasks around the house, never mind cope with an active working life.  Symptoms include sensitivity to light and noise, severe pain and chronic fatigue.  This is fatigue that literally means you don’t have the strength to find or form words to speak, or carry your own weight to be able to walk.  Having something as simple as a shower needs planning for with a long rest time required afterwards.

This group has been set up on line at www.York-Community.org and is already proving to be a great success.  It’s for ME sufferers, carers, family, friends and anyone who would like to find out more.  People can join us on Streetlife or come and use the chat board and forums on the website.  I can also be contacted at [email protected]

On 13 October, The York ME Community held their first coffee morning !  In just a little over a month from the launch of the site, the first aim has been achieved.  That was to bring together people in the York area suffering from ME so that they can help and support each other.  However, this group is not about complaining about their lot. It's about supporting the need to raise awareness of ME, and lend support, but also to start fighting back and remembering who they are, not defined by an illness.