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Whats All This 'A-Mout'?

02 Nov 2015

Try our new range of cider at the York Barbican, courtesy of our friends over at Old Mout


What do you expect?

The ingenious pairing of aromatic kiwi and zingy lime. Mixed with cider, these natural partners create a unique combination. 4% ABV

Aroma Kiwi fruit with a citrus edge.

Taste Refreshing kiwi fruit character cut with tangy lime.

Colour Clear, pale and blonde.



You old romantic

The meeting of luscious passionfruit and crisp apples, blended to remind you of balmy, far-flung places. 4% ABV.

Aroma Tropical aroma of passionfruit.

Taste The rich sweet tropical taste balanced by crisp apple.

Colour Pale gold with a soft summer hue. 

OLD MOUT (rhymes with fruit) was dreamed up in New Zealand’s Moutere Valley, over 65 years ago. The country has always been a playground for the naturally adventurous. Our passion and energy for life inspires us to create unique flavour combinations that take only the best from nature.

Today we’re just as passionate about making cider and we’re bringing OLD MOUT and a little bit of that Kiwi spirit to the UK!”


Its Ciderlicious!