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23 Jun 2015

Mr Herring Joins the ranks of comedy legends set to appear at the Barbican!


Mr Richard Herring joins the gang of comedians coming up at the Barbican, so starting with Richard, we thought we'd go through and give you a little lowdown of the 'laugh-athon's' that you can attend!


Richard Herring - Happy Now?

In his twelfth solo stand up show, Richard examines whether we are can ever hope to be or are meant to be truly content. If we were never unhappy would happiness have any meaning? Why do our brains force us to envision the worst possible outcomes even on a day when everything seems fine.

How likely is it that Richard’s baby will be skewered by a stalactite of frozen urine falling from a plane, and is it really worth him wasting his time thinking about it? Does being happy mean a comedian loses his edge and true belly laughs only come from depression? How much pressure was there on Happy the dwarf to live up to his name? Is there any system that will guarantee us eternal bliss, or should we just embrace the fact that life is a vale of tears and our only option is to laugh in its face?

Find out these answers and much much more on Friday 18 March 2016. Tickets On Sale Now!

Stewart Francis - Pun-Gent

The star of 'Mock The Week', 'Michael McIntyre's Roadshow' and 'Live At The Apollo', embarks on a brand new stand up tour with a fantastic and hilarious new show! Dont miss the Pun-Gent in action right here in your home town. 

"A brilliant comic brain... this stand-up cracks some of the best one liners I've ever heard" – Guardian

"Perfectly crafted gags" – Sunday Times @StewartFrancis1

Roy Chubby Brown - Don't Get Fit! Get Fat!

Roy Chubby Brown returns with his meatiest show yet!

He’s still rude, he’s still crude and this time he’s turning headlines into punch lines as his rip-roaring brand of banter continues to burst bellies across the country. Chubby doesn’t hold back from sharing his outlandish views on news, women and gender, sailing so close to the mark, even the most seasoned of fans will be left gob-smacked!

As politically incorrect as ever ‘The World’s Most Outrageous Comedian’ is far too rude for TV, so this live performance is the only place to catch the flamboyant comedian!
?If easily offended please stay away!

Bill Bailey - Limboland

Bill Bailey is back, and he's bringing his trademark intelligence and sharp wit to our stage for 2 nights! Revel in delight as he takes us on a journey through 'Limboland'. 

The gap between how we imagine our lives to be and how they really are is the subject of Bill’s new showLIMBOLAND

With his trademark intelligence and sharp wit, he tells tales of finding himself in this halfway place. From his countless global travels, he recounts the hilarious saga of a disastrous family trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights. He rails against a world that doesn’t match up to our expectations and contemplates the true nature of happiness. And no Bill Bailey show would be complete without music, so we have Bill’s version of the protest song, a heart-­-rending country and western ballad played on a Bible, and a fabulously downbeat version of Happy Birthday.       

Sarah Millican - Outsider

Sarah Millican brings her brand new show 'Outsider' to the York Barbican for two nights on September 2nd & 3rd 2016!!
In the past when you put Sarah Millican outside, she asked things like: ‘Why? Where is the taxi? Do I need a cardie?’ and said things like: ‘There’ll be wasps. I’ve nothing to sit on. Is that poo? Can we go home?’

But things have changed. Now she has outside slippers. She can tell a chaffinch from a tit (hey). But she still can’t tell if it’s an owl or her husband’s asthma.
Sarah Millican is venturing outside. Bring a cardie.

“To watch Sarah Millican is to watch a box of comedy fireworks going off” The Independent